Thursday, August 6, 2009

Collateral Damage: BlackBerry’s UberTwitter Takes a Dive

Twitter users are not having a great day. Especially if they’re BlackBerry aficionados too. Thursday afternoon it became apparent that UberTwitter, the most popular Twitter client for BlackBerry, has been completely knocked out of service.

Twitter itself experienced an outage and slow loading speeds earlier in the day thanks to a Denial of Service attack. But now that the microblogging service is back up, tweeters are scratching their heads over why UberTwitter would not be working. Thousands of disgruntled and confused tweets made “UberTwitter” into a top trending topic on the site.

“My ubertwitter isn't working? Everybody ubertwitter working?” wrote one tweeter.

“Ubertwitter still not working!!! not happy... better be working tomorrow when i have only blackberry to rely on till tues!” tweeted another.

Then there was this: “Reinstalling ubertwitter...maybe that will get it working again.. :-( sadness.”

Some microbloggers tweeted that all BlackBerry Twitter clients have crashed.

No word from UberTwitter itself – or Research in Motion – as to if and when the client will be restored. There are likely to be a lot of unhappy tweeters: According to TwitStat, UberTwitter makes up 1.26 percent of Twitter users, making it the most popular Twitter client for BlackBerry.


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