Thursday, August 6, 2009

Front Facing Camera for your BlackBerry, Video Conferencing Expected as Early as 2010

The guys at RIM are doing their best to tackle the iPhone’s success and one of the things that is expected to bring in the success is a front facing camera on your favorite BlackBerry smartphone “which can handle something like live video-conferencing”.

In a recent interview with an anonymous Apple executive, Jason Wilk of TinyComb have heard a few things about upcoming projects, but the most interesting thing is that as early as 2010, RIM is going to introduce front-facing cameras to their smartphones — which would be a strong advantage against other mobiles on the market, even against the iPhone.

The same company executive took an indirect jab at AT&T — “As I said before, we are fortunate to have our relationships with many different carriers, some of which can handle something like live video-conferencing.”

Of course you understand that all these are unconfirmed data and that RIM hasn’t done anything to tell us the contrary, so better hold your horses until you we get to see it.


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