Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SmartBattery Creates An icon On Your Home Screen Showing The Battery Status Of Your BlackBerry - FREE

SmartBattery creates an icon on your home screen showing the battery status of your BlackBerry.

- To start SmartBBattery just enter the application and after that hit the Back button
- To stop SmartBBattery enter the application and select menu option "Exit"

Note: due to OS limitation, when using Zen-theme in some OS versions, the icon won't be automatically updated until focused

* Battery charge status as percent on home screen application icon
* Battery status automatic update
* Three different icons depending on the battery status
* green (battery status more than 80%)
* yellow (battery status between 20% and 80%)
* red (battery status less than 20%)
* Easy to use

Download Here

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