Saturday, September 12, 2009

Video: Good vs. Bad Trackball on the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Video: Good vs. Bad Trackball on the BlackBerry Tour 9630:

his great video somehow got lost in the shuffle. We have seen some users upload videos of the faulty BlackBerry Tour trackball in action. I have yet to see a comparison between a good and bad Tour trackball until I saw this one. KingZee from Crackberry is the man behind the camera and he has provided us with a pretty detailed video. In the video he admits that he is on his sixth BlackBerry Tour. While this might seem like a little much the sad reality is it took that many to get it right.

The Tour trackball issue is widely known in the BlackBerry community. While we are still looking for some kind of fix it seems the only option available at this point is returning your Tour for a new one. Only problem is Verizon has taken a stance and will no longer accept returns on a faulty trackball for the Tour. For the record once I changed my trackball sensitivity setting to 80 the trackball improved greatly. To do this just go to Settings/Screen/Keyboard then scroll down to the trackball settings.

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