Monday, October 12, 2009

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 OTAs

With BlackBerry® Messenger on your BlackBerry smartphone, your friends are only a message away. Ask a quick question, make plans with your group of friends, even share stories and pictures—all in real-time. Express yourself and stay in touch your way with BlackBerry Messenger. 

  • Personalize BlackBerry Messenger with a display picture
  • Add friends by scanning barcodes or sharing PINs
  • Share pictures, videos, voice notes and more with multiple contacts at once
  • Create groups of friends, family or colleagues and instantly share calendars, lists, conversations and updates
  • See what your friends are listening to by viewing their song titles
  • Organize conversation lists by date
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Back up and restore your contact list

BBM (For 4.7/Storm) - English Only Only

 BBM (For 4.7.1/Tour) - English Only

 BBM (For 4.5/Curve) - English Only

 BBM (For 4.6/Bold) - English Only

BBM (For 4.6.1/Javelin) - English Only 

 BBM (For 5.0/All) - English Only

 BBM (For 5.1/Storm2) - English Only

 BBM (For 4.7/Storm) - All Languages

 BBM (For 4.7.1/Tour) - All Languages

 BBM (For 4.5/Curve) - All Languages

 BBM (For 4.6/Bold) - All Languages

 BBM (For 4.6.1/Javelin) - All Languages

 BBM (For 5.0/All) - All Languages

 BBM (For 5.1/Storm2) - All Languages

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