Monday, November 9, 2009

Get BlackBerry Notifications To Your PC With Blurt

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Elertify your PC with Text to Speech!

Do you work with your BlackBerry and a PC?

Are you tired of picking up your BlackBerry® every 15 seconds to check messages only to discover it's ad from Ed's Furniture Company or another silly joke from Aunt Kathy?

Now you can preview messages while you work on your PC with Elertify!

Elertify can display a popup message on your PC when you receive incoming Email, SMS and Phone calls on your BlackBerry. You can even hear who's calling, texting, or emailing you by using the built voice synthesizer!

Elertify lets you choose which types of messages you want to receive: Email, SMS or phone calls.

You can set the popup display time and whether you want the voice synthesizer or a ringtone to play when you receive a message. You might even turn off the popups altogether and just listen to the voice synthesizer.

Now you won't have to look at your BlackBerry unless you really want to.

Forget about complicated Bluetooth configurations that drain your battery!

Elertify works via the USB cable and is for the PC only. Just plug it in an you're good to go!

You must install both the BlackBerry and Windows software to use Elertify.

If you use your PC a lot, you need Elertify!

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