Monday, November 2, 2009

The Top “Must Have” BlackBerry Accessories for BlackBerry Enthusiasts.

Yes, the Google map app is important when you need directions. But if you run out of battery – then no application will help you out. We put a lot of energy in downloading the latest software and cool apps to our BlackBerries, but hardly pamper the package, the machine. Well, it’s time to get your beloved friend a star-treatment. Go for a day at the spa for your BlackBerry. There are always great accessories to get; some for looks and some can really work wonders with your relationship. First you should defiantly know what machine you are using, because not all BlackBerries are alike. And here is a short list of BlackBerry must haves – one’s that can make your life easier and some that can even improve your BlackBarry’s life span.

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