Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update: BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated to v5.0.1.28

RIM has released the BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated version. To update you can go to the BlackBerry website here, or you can open your BlackBerry Desktop Manager, go to Options /Check For Updates, and check. It will let you know to close your current Desktop Manager, and you’re on the way. This update didn’t take long to install either.
So what is included in this update?
Synchronization: Support for new fields on the address book for your device and enhancements to the synchronization process for organizer data.
IP modem: user interface for using your device as an IP modem.
Application loader: Back up and restore secure services on your device while loading software.
User interface. Moved link to check for BlackBerry Desktop Manger updates to the Help menu.
Operating System: Support for Windows 7.
Device Support: BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 included.

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