Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Do You Think Of Your New Storm2?

This is an open thread for anyone who owns a BlackBerry Storm2 to comment what they think of the device so far. Are you happy with the device? Do you have any gripes with the Storm2?
Here are a few pros and cons to get the discussion started:
  • It has WiFi! My wallet really appreciates it.
  • Multitouch has big implications for not only the device, but for upcoming software.
  • The typing experience is definitely improved. While it’s hard to say whether it’s faster, it definitely feels better.
  • After the OS 5 update to the Storm 1, the typing experience on the Storm2 isn’t a huge leap forward.
  • The screen has been sticking for me every now and then.
  • The vibrate feature could be a little less intense.

1 comment:

  1. I love it. I signed up for the Storm 9530 a few weeks before hearing that the Storm 2 was coming. I returned it before my 30 day anniversary and picked up the Storm 2 the day it was released. I got to use the 9530 long enough to truly appreciate the Storm 2. The touch experience is drastically improved, and combined with the increased memory you get a consistent experience.There have been a few bugs, mainly software created, but the phone has been very solid. I have some bug outs from the Menu and Esc keys in that when clicking them it feels as if something is skipping underneath and giving a double click, but its a once in awhile issue and have been assured by Verizon that if it persists the phone can be replaced. We couldnt replicate it in the store. Otherwise, the rest of the screen has yet to give a hiccup, and the software that comes with the phone is tremendous. Even the volume keys feel much better and responsive. Im so glad I spent the extra bucks for the Storm 2, I feel confident with the device in the near future. Having played with a Droid that a friend picked up, I am angry to see the Blackberry Browser and third party browsers for my storm, and BB has alot to live up to in 2010 when they upgrade their browser service. Email is king for me though, and there is no competition to the BB Services. GO GET YOURS TODAY!!!