Friday, December 25, 2009

BlackBerry and iPhone Receive Vonage App

Vonage has issued unlimited international calling for mobile users just in time for Christmas, Unthinkable reports. For $24.95 a month, Vonage offers its users unlimited calling to around 60 countries. For those who have the landline Vonage World service, the company discounts that price a further 40 percent.

To take advantage of Vonage Mobile, users must have either a BlackBerry, iPhone or iPod touch. The mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch allows mobile users to make unlimited Vonage Mobile calls in the U.S. over Wi-Fi without using their cell phone minutes. This is not the case for BlackBerry devices, as the app runs on the device's existing cellular network, says PC Magazine.
The application works with existing cell phone numbers, allows dialing from BlackBerry and iPhone address books, and integrates with Twitter. There are some restrictions when making calls to other countries and within certain countries. Calls to Australia, France, Germany and Japan must be made to landlines and calls made within 15 countries must be made to mobile devices.

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