Monday, December 7, 2009

BlackBerry Themes now available in BlackBerry App World!


For the uninitiated, BlackBerry® themes can totally change how your BlackBerry smartphone looks. There are themes that reflect almost every type of subject - your favorite movies, popular television shows, your hometown football teams, popular comic book characters, nature scenes, rock bands - you name it. When you install a unique theme, it can change the appearance of almost everything on your BlackBerry smartphone - the backgrounds, the screens, the home screen, the icons and even the menus can be changed by a theme to stylistically reflect the subject matter of that theme. Themes can include unique animations, ringtones, and all sorts of visual tricks. Having a theme really helps make a BlackBerry smartphone truly your own.

Starting today, we're offering themes in BlackBerry App World™ from theme developers. Some themes are free, some are paid but there's a range of unique themes to suit your tastes and interests. To check out some of the great new themes, visit the BlackBerry App World web catalog via your desktop computer and click on the Theme category on the left hand side, or use the BlackBerry App World application with your BlackBerry smartphone.

Make sure you also check out this great post on personalizing your BlackBerry smartphone with themes from our sister blog Community Post!

Make your own BlackBerry themes!

If you're the creative type, you can also make your own themes using the new BlackBerry® Theme Studio v5.0, which is free to download. Using this new software tool, you can make a theme of your favorite vacation, your pets, your kids or your own artistic designs for your BlackBerry.

My fellow Inside BlackBerry blogger Mark has a great series of posts designed to help you build your own BlackBerry theme:

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If you're interested in selling a theme on BlackBerry App World, the process is pretty easy. Remember a few considerations:

  • You have to be a registered BlackBerry App World developer. For more information about how to become one, click here.

  • You need to have the rights to the images, sounds and content in the theme.

  • Keep the subject matter appropriate for all ages that may be visiting BlackBerry App World.

If you want more information, please see the BlackBerry App World vendor guidelines.


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