Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Comparing Blackberry’s – Which One Should You Pick?

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Blackberry’s are awesome phones that do a lot of really cool things. As a Blackberry user myself, I must tell you that I am now a Blackberry user for life. The Smartphone has come a long way in its 8-10 year life, and in recent times, 3 new models have come out for you to pick and choose from, Blackberry Storm, Bold, and Curve. When comparing Blackberry’s, it’s best to know which one is best for you.
Blackberry Curve-The Curve is basically modeled after the old 8700 series; it’s pretty much the new version of this model. Right now I am still on an 8700, but this is the phone I will be moving over to when I do decide to upgrade, as it is very similar to the 8700 series. It’s just a LOT cooler looking with a couple new features, including a brighter display, as well as a camera. It still features the full QWERTY keyboard.
Blackberry Bold-The Bold model looks like an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard attached to it. This phone is very nice, and one of the most awesome features about this guy is that he comes GPS ready. Phones with GPS capabilities are the new “best thing since sliced bread.” This phone is very professional and clean looking, and makes a great business phone. The Bold model also has Microsoft Word and Powerpoint inside of it.
Blackberry Storm-This is probably the most unique Blackberry available, as it is a touch screen model. Same OS as the Bold, but you use touch screen to navigate. There are the 4 standard Blackberry buttons at the bottom, but it’s basically all navigated through touch screen
We have been comparing Blackberry’s, and you should follow this guide to help you decide which Smartphone is right for you.

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