Monday, December 21, 2009

Help Convince Google to Develop More BlackBerry Apps?

One of the apps I have always wanted on my BlackBerry is a smooth Google Reader application. I use Google Reader to read RSS feeds on my PC and I have to mark the same RSS articles read in Viigo because there is no 2 way sync option for Viigo. Viigo does not seem to think this is a priority so I have looked at other applications like Arr! SS and Unread both of which are not free and Unread is only for touchscreen BlackBerrys.

Adam over @CrackBerry decided to ask the BlackBerry community to let Google know we want an official Google Reader BlackBerry application ASAP. You can easily do this by heading to Google’s Product Ideas page and search for BlackBerry. At that link you can vote for the ideas mentioning Google Reader for BlackBerry.

Let Google (and us!) know if there is any other application you are dying for Google to release or update? I personally cannot wait for Google Goggles and Google Navigation… Have you seen how the Droid just takes a picture of a business card and lets you add it as a contact!!!

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