Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review: AstraSync 4.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones

We all know that the BlackBerry Smartphone is the ultimate device for business use (well, any use to tell you the truth). Your BlackBerry is your most reliable personal assistant. Among its countless benefits, it keeps you in touch with your clients, informs you of important updates and reminds you of appointments. The only thing it can't do is bring you lunch - though you can actually order delivery using your BlackBerry. Overtime, your successful business grows and your team expands. As the BlackBerry users increase, communication and synchronization become critical. At some point, you may consider turning to a BES, but your budget may not be able to squeeze it in.

Before digging deep into your pocket, AstraSync should be considered as a cost-effective solution. This powerful synchronization application provides users with two-way syncing of your emails, calendar and contact information over-the-air. So, if you are using Gmail, Google Sync, Open-Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, or other Exchange ActiveSync servers that are compatible, this may be an excellent alternative to a BES. Read on for more information.

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