Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trick to turn off BlackBerry trackball sound

Is it possible to turn off the BlackBerry trackball sound? Absolutely! Now you can enjoy some peace and quite while concentrating on your work, without the annoyance of repetitive sounds! If the BlackBerry trackball sound annoys you, simply turn it off with a few simple steps as outlined below!
Step 1: First, start by navigating to the main “Home” screen on your BlackBerry.
Step 2: Next, press the “Menu” key once. This will display your application icons.
Step 3: Click on “Options” found near the bottom of the screen.
Step 4: From the “Options” menu, click on “Screen/Keyboard” found under the “Owner” option.
Step 5: Towards the bottom of the screen, look for a section labeled “Trackball”.
Step 6: Click on “Audible Roll” and choose “Mute”.
Step 7: Finally, press the “Menu” key once and click on “Save”.
Step 8: That’s it! Now you can disable the BlackBerry trackball sound with ease, while enjoying the peace and quite! No more clicks or other annoying sounds.

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