Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Backup Your BlackBerry Wirelessly for Free With Aurkon

aurkon Applico let us know about their latest app called Aurkon. Aurkon is a free application that offers automatic wireless backup of your BlackBerry information. Aurkon backup includes Contacts, Calendar entries, Tasks, Memos and other items they don’t specifically specify.

I have not had a chance to use Aurkon myself but it kind of reminds me of a less feature full version of SmrtGuard. The only caveat I have with Aurkon is that I am trusting them with my sensitive contact information and they make no promises about how securely they are storing that information.

Aurkon Features:

  • Constantly runs in the background. Never misses anything.
  • Only sends out data when your phone is idle. Doesn’t interfere with performance.
  • The home screen reports how many records have been sent and how many are in queue.
  • Checks for an optimal network connection before trying to connect.
  • Sends out records in bulk. So, for example, when you first create an account, Aurkon can send your hundreds or thousands! of records out at once to be backed up instead of one at a time.

The app is free so I am not sure how they will pay for their costs of storing your backups. Still it may be worth a shot if you are looking for a free backup solution. From what I can tell reviews on BlackBerry App World are pretty positive (they have practically all 5 star ratings…) and you can also pick it up in the BerryReview Store at this link. They also have a change log available at this link.

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