Sunday, January 3, 2010

BlackBerry Apps That “May” Help You Keep Your 2010 Resolutions

NewYearsResolutions The RIM team sent me this following list of apps that will supposedly help you keep your 2010 resolutions. I always found new years resolutions kind of funny since very few people actually keep them. My friends usually choose the resolutions that they will probably never be able to adhere to just to make them again a year later. Maybe we all need a resolution to never make new years resolutions again… Alternatively you can head to the new years resolution generator on your PC for some ideas.

If you still plan on making some check out these apps below at:

Kick Bad Habits

  • Is 2010 the year you finally quit smoking? No Smoking can help! The app records how often you smoke and then uses that information to customize a quitting schedule that slowly drops your nicotine levels. ($9.99)
  • Determined to spend less money this year? Keep close track of your finances with apps like Mobile Checkbook and eCheckRegister. Both apps let you record transactions as they happen, check your balance anytime and send banking info to your e-mail inbox. ($7.99 and $12.99)

Get In Shape

  • Get motivated to hit the pavement with RoadRunnerGPS. The app analyzes your workout as you run or walk, and even gives you feedback on your progress. ($4.99)
  • More likely to workout inside? Check out Pocket Trainer, an interactive fitness app that tracks your progress and automatically advances you to the next level when you’re ready. It offers high quality video and written descriptions for each exercise. And, like a live personal trainer, it will even alert you if you miss a workout! ($12.99)
  • No time to exercise? Every little bit counts, so get moving at work with Stretches@desk, which walks you through a few quick stretching exercises to help your muscles stay loose. ($2.99)

Eat Healthy

  • Making the right food choices can be hard. FoodGauge uses a simple rating system to help you better understand nutrition labels and make healthier choices. ($2.99)
  • Looking to count calories? Calorie Counter by Fat Secret lets you quickly find counts for your favorite foods and keep track of what you’re eating for free.
  • If you need a little more guidance, try Weight Loss Sensei. The app creates a personalized, healthy meal plan complete with recipes and shopping lists based on what and where you like to eat. ($9.99)

Get Organized

  • Get your act together in 2010 with Every Day Lists, an easy-to-use list maker for all your list needs. Keep track of shopping lists, personal to-dos, work assignments and appointments all in place. ($4.99)
  • So much to do in so little time? Role Call Tasks Lite helps you prioritize by filtering your tasks by date, category or importance. The free app syncs with your Outlook calendar, reminds you of deadlines and more.

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