Sunday, January 31, 2010

Has T-Mobile Discontinued the 8900?

blackberry-curve-8900 This tip came in to us from Oakie letting us know that he was looking through the T-Mobile online store and notice the BlackBerry 8900 is no longer on the list of available devices. This is kind of odd since the device has only been out for about a year and has been one of the best selling BlackBerry’s since it came out. The device was one of my favorites but with the 9700 being very similar and probably one of the best devices out there I could see the 8900 being overshadowed. The 9700 has 3G which the 8900 doesn’t but I believe there is still a market out there for that device not everyone has 3G from T-Mobile yet. I also check the site and when you go to shop for phones the device is missing, if you have any idea or want to voice your opinion sound off in the comments. If it was out of stock there be a notice not completely removed, right?

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