Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How can i reset a blackberry or get past the security lock?

I just bought a blackberry off of some guy but i can't do anything on it besides make a call because i don't know the password. So is there some way to just reset the blackberry or bypass the security lock?

There is a way to reset the Blackberry in order to bypass the security lock. Keep in mind doing this will wipe all information on the device. The information which is wiped off the device itself would be (emails, photos, stored addresses and contacts, programs)
But the assigned phone number and the ability to make/receive calls will remain afterwards.

-Enter the wrong password until you run out of password attempts. (you will need to enter the word blackberry after the at the last attempt (Blackberry devices default to 10 password attempts)
-When you get to this point the device will wipe itself. This process normally takes several minutes. Afterwards the device will appear to have shut off and will restart itself.

-Keep in mind also. Pulling the battery can count as a password attempt

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