Monday, January 11, 2010

How can I update a blackberry 8310 from a pre-release version to the final version?

I updated my blackberry curve 8310 with a pre-release v4.5 and now I can't update it to the final version offered by blackberry's official webpage.

Can you give me details on what error message(s) you are getting?
You can either post here or email me direct.

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  1. There is a program called either commander or java commander for blackberry. It can be used to wipe ur handset. Search google for it. You will proboly find it in the blackberry forums.
    Run java commander and choose the wipe option, it will make you type in blackberry before wiping so u have a chance to not do it
    It will reboot the phone and then come up with a no os pic. Prerelease 4.5 is gone at this point. Now u just have to reinstall the os

    Next goto add remove programs and uninstall the pre release 4.5

    Then install current 4.5

    Open up blackberry desktop and go to add remove programs, and it should come up to install 4.5. Choose the programs u want (blackberry messenger ect) and install. In 30 min to and hour you should be all set