Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How do I download music on my blackberry pearl?

I have had my blackberry pearl for over a year now and I am just now realizing that you might be able to download music onto it, the question now is, how? I have tried to synchronize my blackberry through the blackberry desktop manager but it says that there is no applications configured for synchronization. I have downloaded music and burned music on my computer, now I just want to put them on my blackberry. Can somebody help me, plz!?! Thx.

There are two ways you can put music on the pearl. Either way you choose you will need to get a micro SD card, up to 4 gig, to hold the music. First way is through Desktop Manager that came with the phone. You will be adding media, not applications, so be sure you have selected media. It is done with a program called Roxio. The second way is to use WMP (Windows Media Player) and just sync the music to your phone. Actually I guess there are THREE ways. When you connect you Pearl to he computer you should be able to see it listed under MY COMPUTER when you open that folder. From there you can open the blackberry drive, find the media card, open the music file (or create on if the isn't one there already), and just drag and drop the files in there from your music folder.

Make sure you have the latest O.S. for your phone and the latest version of Desktop Manager. The O.S. differs for each service provider, and the should be able to tell you if you have the correct one.

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