Saturday, January 30, 2010

How much confidentiality do you have when using Blackberry Messenger on company device?

I have just installed Messenger on my company Blackberry. Can my company track my messages? Can others track my messages? Can anyone track what I send or whom I send it to?

Yes, of all the systems that I've worked on - The BlackBerry is the most manageable... You wouldn't believe just how much control you have over the devices themselves...

They can be locked, wiped, reset and controlled remotely.. The amount of auditing options that you have is amazing..

I can disconnect your bluetooth Headset whilst you're on the road - I can turn your camera off, but make it look like it's still working. I can get a report of when you've turned the thing on and off..

And if you've got one of the new 8300's - I can tell where it is anytime of the day or night.

So.. to answer your question, yes - One you have a BlackBerry.. you are your Admins *****

Of course, it's all up to your admin - But if I were you.. I'd be afraid... very afraid


Blackberry Server Admin

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