Thursday, January 28, 2010

My blackberry curve wont charge even if the plug sign is showing on the screen. How do i fix it?

My blackberry curve has been plugged for 4 hours and the plug sign is on the screen but the battery is still at 5% even if i dont use the phone. What could be wrong and how could i fix it? Thanks!

Sounds like there is a good chance you have a bad battary. I would suggest going into your local carriers store and see if they have one you can test and if that fixes the issue purchase a new battery.

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  1. I have the same problem with my 9530. Its not my battery, its something internal. Battery symbol shows charge, but in face is draining normally. I also can NOT sync with ANY PC/Mac, as it will always return conflict. I've never found a solution, but I bet I know what happened. My nazi carrier also refuses to help me (warranty or no) and I'm stuck with a 'bad' 9530, 3 batteries and an external charger (and os 4 7 0 132, cand update because of this)
    So ya lol could be another potential issue for you.