Friday, February 26, 2010

BIS 3.0 Upgrade Coming Next Week?

Old-BIS-Diagram One of our solid sources let us know that RIM’s BIS 3.0 upgrade is still on schedule for next week. Maybe RIM intends it to coincide with the release of the new free BES Express in March? We can only take this at face value since RIM is notorious for blowing past internal rollout dates but this date has stayed pretty solid for the last few weeks.

The thing is that most BIS upgrades are done over the weekend with EMEA going first and then NA coming a week or two after. That pegs this rollout to start either this weekend or the next.

Anybody else excited? I am just dying to get 2-way read/unread sync between Gmail and my BlackBerry. The sync of labels will also be a perk but I am also waiting for the Gmail calendar sync coming in BIS 3.1 later this year. Some might also be interested in the WMA and OpenOffice file support but personally that is not a real big deal for me.

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