Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 5 Released

BBMCP BlackBerry Master Control Program (BBCMP) is one of the most useful applications for BlackBerry experts. It has a myriad of functions that simplify the process of interacting with your BlackBerry from your PC packaged up in a nice GUI. Their latest update to version Beta 5 is worth a download if you use the app.

The craziest part of this release is the announcement that BBMCP has been downloaded over half a million times!!! That is a pretty big achievement for a niche BlackBerry tool.

  • Desktop Manager is now automatically closed when MCP starts OS installation process
  • MCP’s "Application Loader" icon now has the ability to continue a failed OS installation
  • MCP OS Management is now compatible with either Shrink-A-OS or CrackMem
  • MCP Touch, Gestures and Touch Keyboard! Hmm… iMCP?
  • Added Shrink-A-OS download and website to the MCP Downloads page

You can read more about BBMCP here or download a copy here.

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