Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Cortado Workplace with 1GB Storage and Cloud Printing

Workplace_Blackberry Cortado has released yet another free service for BlackBerry users. They want to take over the online mobile file manager market with their new Cortado Workplace product. This new service gives you 1GB of free online storage which you can access from your BlackBerry or PC.

The service comes with a decent file manager along with cloud printing which lets you print documents from your BlackBerry. I am not quite sure how printing works but it is supposed to work over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. From what I can tell Cortado Workplace is meant to entice companies to buy the Cortado Corporate Server which has similar features.

  • 1 GB online storage – With Cortado Workplace, you receive your personal, password-protected online storage facility to centrally store documents and files that you can access anytime via smartphone, PC or notebook. You can upload up tp 3 MB per upload.
  • Workplace file manager for your BlackBerry smartphone – Cortado Workplace offers you the only mobile file manager with the look and feel of a desktop explorer. Access files saved in your online storage and/or locally on your smartphone. Thanks to integrated file operations, you can work as if you were on your desktop computer. Documents can be viewed on the smartphone display, conveniently managed with Copy, Paste, Rename, New Folder, etc., sent as an e-mail, or printed using the cloud printing function.
  • Cloud Printing: Print directly from your BlackBerry smartphone – Print documents easily and quickly directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. The cloud printing functionality allows you to print your documents to any printer reachable via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. No printer drivers or any other additional software are necessary.
  • Web Explorer for managing files from a PC or notebook – You are also able to access your online storage via the internet. Cortado Web Explorer with its intuitive user interface is available for this purpose allowing you to conveniently upload and manage files with your PC or notebook.

Check out Cortado Workplace at: or you can download it OTA at

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Free Cortado Workplace with 1GB Storage and Cloud Printing |


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