Friday, February 12, 2010

Official BlackBerry Twitter Client v1.0.0.28 Leaked With Download Links

directmessages1 I feel bad for RIM on this one. Their official BlackBerry Twitter Client that we told you was in an invite only private beta has inevitably been leaked. I saw it coming the second I heard that the invite code was only for the download and not to validate the application install or usage. I guess all the security gurus at RIM were taking the day off since this is security 101. Which makes me think that maybe RIM wanted it to leak… Still it could be that they will just release another build and force you to upgrade where they could require an invite code.

The problem with this leak of the official Twitter Client is that the private beta is slightly buggy. I could not get it to install right without a Java Error on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Still it seems to be working for about 80% of people. Credit goes out to iExplorers for the OTA links but from experience it looks like the OTA links are the problem. The app has a much higher chance of working if you install it using the Desktop Manager files.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in. I guess with all the tips coming you really wanted us to post it

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