Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Babelberry-Now translate your e-mails easily from one language to another!

blackberry-curveSure you are satisfied with the advantages and the ease with which you get access to information using your BlackBerry smartphone. After all there are a large number of BlackBerry applications out there to simplify things for you- be it a translator application that translates a foreign language into your required language. But often the problem with these applications is that the corporate BlackBerry users are unable to get the advantage due to restrictions imposed by their company’s policies related to security issues. Does that mean no more translations? Of course not, when you have Babelberry!


Babelberry is basically an e-mail translator which can support translations in about 20 languages. So Babelberry actually translates the e-mail in any language say from English, to Spanish. And to avail the translation facilities of Babelberry no hassles will be encountered. There is no need to install any application in your BlackBerry smartphone. You can enjoy the advantage simply by using Babelberry, that too, with no installation troubles!


Babelberry is simply easy to use and is really helpful. Unlike the other applications that are required to be installed and then operated, Babelberry ensures complete ease of operation and absolutely no hassles. Translating an e-mail from one language to another couldn’t have been simpler! Suppose you have an e-mail written in English but you would prefer to read the contents in Spanish, what would you do? Take out English to Spanish dictionary? You wouldn’t need that when you have Babelberry! Just send the e-mail written in English to And there you have it! You will get a reply which will contain the e-mail text translated into Spanish. Babelberry will translate not only entire e-mails, but it can also provide translations of single words.

Not only is Babelberry easy to use and great, but the translations are performed really fast. As machine translation is used by Babelberry it responds really swiftly to the required tasks. So avail the advantage of translating to and from 20 languages with ease! As Babelberry calls for no installation and related operations, it does not take up any chunk of your phone’s memory. You can use Babelberry anywhere where sending and receiving e-mails is possible.

Though there is a paid version and a free version of Babelberry available to registered users, the above mentioned features are available to all. However the paid version does offer a higher monthly translation limit.

Website: Babelberry download


  1. I find this service really useful. thanks for writing about it.


  2. I just signed up and am now using it to translate from my blackberry. It is so handy and fast.