Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Alternative Tasks Manager from BhiveTasks

 Beautiful Alternative Tasks Manager from BhiveTasks

screenshot 3 Beautiful Alternative Tasks Manager from BhiveTasks

bhivetasks delivers a geat BlackBerry user experience to make task management fun, help you stay motivated and be productive.

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  • The start screen will give you a complete overview of your busy life at a glance including, planning for tomorrow, overdue tasks and high priority activities.

  • The quick search is one of the most powerful features of bhivetasks. On any screen, just start typing any letter and the tool filters the data for you, making it easy to find tasks.

  • From the dashboard you can drill down into the 4 different views: status, due date, folder, and priority. Each view will group and sort your tasks accordingly, keeping you organized.

  • The calendar due date feature allows you to schedule your tasks and can show you the number of action items per day, helping you plan your days and weeks. This is a great feature to ensure don’t over allocate yourself on any particular date.

  • You have the option to add a reminder with you task. The reminder will be synchronized with your blackberry calendar and will help you keep on top of your to-do list.


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