Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fandango introduces digital barcode movie tickets

It wasn’t long ago that Fandango release a BlackBerry app. It covered the basics, allowing you to browse movies and purchase tickets for pickup at the theater. With more and more theaters having digital kiosks for purchase and pick-up, this was an excellent feature. The next step, then, was to turn your BlackBerry into your actual ticket. Fandango is all over that, rolling out the first phase this week. You can still purchase your tickets through the Fandango app, but if you go to one of the select theaters across the country, you can just show your Berry to the ticket attendant, who will scan it with a special machine. Then you’re in, and with no paper to speak of.

First, you’ll have to download the Fandango BlackBerry app. Once you have that installed, find a movie at one of the following theaters:

  • New York: City Cinemas 1, 2 & 3, Angelika Film Center, East 86th Street Cinemas, Village East Cinema, Beekman Theatre, The Paris Theatre.
  • New Jersey: Manville 12 Plex.
  • Houston: Angelika Film Center.
  • Dallas/Plano: Angelika Dallas; Angelika Plano.
  • San Diego: La Mesa Grossmont Center, Clairemont Town Square Stadium.
  • Bakersfield: Valley Plaza 16.
  • Sonoma County: Rohnert Park 16.
  • Hawaii: Ward Stadium, Kahala Theater, Kapolei 16, Mililani Stadium.

When you see the ticket guy, he’ll scan, and you’re in. It is, by far, the easiest way to get into the movie. Now the only line you’ll have to wait on is the one to get into the theater.

The downside, of course, comes for people who save their ticket stubs. I have a friend who has a stub from every movie she’s ever seen. Clearly, a scannable barcode just won’t work for her and others who share that passion. But for the rest of us who toss our tickets when we get home, this is an excellent, excellent development.

Via BlackBerryOS.

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