Friday, March 19, 2010

Keep your inbox automated and tidy with BerryMail

Yesterday we talked about Xobni, an application that gives you more control over your address book. Today we take a look at BerryMail which, while not quite as comprehensive as Xobni, still give you more control over your email inbox. If you have BIS you can control the flow of your inbox with filters, but BerryMail seems to do this a bit better. It certainly gives you more options, allowing you to set email rules based on a number of different criteria, and allowing you to perform far more actions once the application identifies said emails. It’s from the same company, by the way, as BerryBuzz, which just got an update.

The first step is to set the criteria for a rule. You can do this based on the sender’s address, the email subject, an attachment, or even text from the email body. You can even set rules for an entire email account, which can help with spam-filled addresses.

Next, you set the action. This means deleting the message, automatically marking it as open, setting a high- or low-priority flag, or even preventing the LED from flashing. I especially like this last one. I get a number of newsletters and other recurring daily and weekly emails, and would like my BlackBerry to not flash when I receive these. It’s quite disappointing to see the red light flash, only to see a Live Nation update.

If you’re looking to add more filters to your BlackBerry email, you can get BerryMail for just $2.95 until March 21. It goes up a dollar at that point. You can also download a free 7-day trial (OTA).

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