Saturday, March 20, 2010

More BlackBerry Shield Information

ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 19 16.17 BBLEAKS got a hold of more information pertaining the rumored BlackBerry Shield, if it holds true it will be out sometime this year. The features are promising specially for BIS customers once BIS 3.0 is released.

The list of specs include:

  • Remote Device Wipe – in case of loss of the terminal, just log in to BB Shield to remove all data from the device and / or memory card.
  • “Lost & Found” Screen – you can customize the sentence on the screen to display that the BlackBerry is lost and show any information about the content (i.e. “take me please“).
  • The ability to remotely set the password on the BlackBerry
  • A loud bell alarm - useful option, even if you’ve lost your BlackBerry (at home) – once you’ve activated this option, your BB will ‘behave’ loud sounding an alarm, which will hopefully prompt a passerby (or yourself) to pick up your lost BlackBerry.
  • Tracking capability – based on the GSM transmitters and / or GPS position that is constantly monitored in the BlackBerry unit, and there may be the possibility of seeing it on the map (like Google Maps) from the BB Shield dashboard.
  • Backup – create wireless backup and restore, which can be set automatically exercise in the given time intervals

If the services are free it should be a well received service for most BlackBerry users, hopefully this will not give carriers another excuse to force users to upgrade their BlackBerry accounts from BIS to BES like Verizon is planning.

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