Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Elecite Theme - Ember

Elecite themes are never short of astonishing. Their latest, Ember is no exception to this. Ember is a fitting name for this dark and sleek theme. As usually, every detail is well thought out and the theme has something unique that we haven't seen before. There are 6-7 customizable, and totally unique icons. The theme also has an infamous weather slot and a Today Preview area. The colorful icons really do set this theme apart from any other, and is not the usual square block. However, this means that you really won't be able to use a wallpaper. Not that you need one with this theme. It's also been tailored for each device individually. You can get Ember for $6.99 for the 8900, 95xx, 96xx & 9700 from the Elecite BlackberryOS store.


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