Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phone Halo: Never Lose Anything Again

 Phone Halo: Never Lose Anything Again
phone halox wide community Phone Halo: Never Lose Anything Again

Don’t you find it annoying when you can’t find your keys or phone when you’re about to walk out of the house. Well now you shouldn’t have that problem anymore with Phone Halo cuz it does 4 things for you: 1. Helps you from losing and misplacing your things cuz you attach a halo device to anything you might lose. 2. Hitting the Find button on your phone will ring anything that has a halo on it. 3. Phone Halo has GPS and Google maps so you can find your stuff when you lose it. 4. Want your friends helping you find your stuff? You can have a goggle map or text or a post of Facebook of where you lost your things so this way everyone can help you find your lost item.

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