Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rumor: BlackBerry Storm2 Getting Improved Touch Screen


Having larger display and touch screen does make a lot of difference when it comes to cool and crisp apps & games including better user navigation in a way, and RIM is working hard to get it right for it’s introduction to touch screen BlackBerry devices from Storm to Storm2. Now we’re hearing; Verizon is getting improved touch screen for BlackBerry Storm2 and rumor sources are reporting that we may expect a worldwide (Verizon first) recall of the Storm2, as RIM have enhanced the touch screen and made older models eligible for a replacement.

Apparently, RIM has added silicone actuators to the touch screen to improve the performance and tactile response. As of February 10th, 2010, all Storm2 devices contain this enhancement. You can identify these devices by a green dot on the master carton and/or date code on the back of the device (more details below).

Those BlackBerry Storm2 users who have experienced issues with the touch screen performance, and all warranty/eligibility requirements are met, will be provided a new and enhanced device, assuming the rumor turns out to be true.

To identify if the Storm2 is a newer model with this improved touch screen, use the Date Code:

  • The date code is located on the label in the battery cavity of the device as shown in the red circle below for either 3 or 6 digit date codes.

  • The following 3 digit date codes contain the new hardware changes: # C2A, D2A, E2A, F2A, G2A, H2A, I2A, J2A, K2A, L2A, M2A and N2A.

  • Starting on February 22, 2010 or later the date code is displayed on the device label in DDMMYY format (220210).

  • All devices with the above 3 digit date codes or 6 digit date codes contain the new hardware changes.

  • Location of Date Code on Label in Battery Cavity in Red Circle

I am not sure about you as a BlackBerry Stomr2 owner, but I have a mixed feeling about it as it’s good to see RIM is working hard on making it better but still it’s not up to the expectation bar the competition has set out there in the market.

Will you be replacing your Storm2 from Verizon it this turned out to be true or will switch over to a different non touch device?

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