Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rumor: Sprint to Release BlackBerry Curve 8530 in Red?

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Sprint red With the release of the latest batch of BlackBerry upgrades there has been a definite lack of color. You used to always be able to count on the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl for some nice colors if you didn’t like the regular black and chrome. I still love the color of my crimson red 8310.

That is why I found it kind of nice that RIM is keeping the color options going with the BlackBerry Curve 8530. The team at BerryAndroid (great name) managed to catch a stock image of a Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 in a nice shade of red. This is ten times better than the color options available currently as business black and fugly-purple.

What I really want is for RIM to add some color to the higher end devices. I would rather not have to pay for a colorware job if RIM could come up with a hot colored 9700… Maybe they will bring back the color options with the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 release.

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Rumor: Sprint to Release BlackBerry Curve 8530 in Red? |
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