Monday, March 22, 2010

Track your cost down with the Network Traffic Control

ntc_0.0.4_month_9500_195x317Sometimes we more often than not get frustrated at the unusually high bills for data packets consumption. We do not get a clue about the amount we are charged for the spending. Most of us initially do not think twice before surfing and downloading through our BlackBerry handsets. But when we are confronted with a high bill, we slow down on our usage along with a question that, did we really use that much? As a result you either have to pay the entire bill and ask for a statement form your service provider, or have to change the data packet service. But now you do not have to worry about these hassles, because S4BB has introduced a new application for BlackBerry smart phones, it’s called Network Traffic Control.

What it does?

Network Traffic Control is an application for the BlackBerry smart phones that enables you to keep a check on the amount of data sent and received from your Blackberry smart phones. The application offers you unlimited possibilities to know the Daily Traffic as well as the Monthly Traffic on your Blackberry smart phones. You can see all the information about the consumption of traffic at the screen. The application runs on all the GSM/GPRS/UMTS BlackBerryR smart phones.


The Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry is an extremely useful application that can really help you to track down the daily and monthly consumption of data packets. The application allows you the view both daily and monthly traffics through its Daily Traffic and Monthly Traffic features.

The Monthly Traffic feature works only when you have activated it from the first date of the month, and when ever you reset the BlackBerry device the application automatically starts the traffic monitoring.

But to avoid any confusion you need to understand that this application only monitors the traffic in your BlackBerry smart phone, and it does not allow us to track the content at any time. Even though, this application seems to be of great use because it gives you the power to know the daily and monthly consumption of data packets from your smart phone. The application allows us to monitor the traffic received and send out data separately.

To bring more smiles to the faces, S4BB has launched the application for free. The beta version of Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry smart phones is available without any cost associated to it. The application is compatible with almost all the models of BlackBerry smart phones. So what are you waiting for, just load the application in your device and get the power to track your expenses.

Website: Network Traffic Control download

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