Sunday, March 21, 2010

VOICE-MEMO- Record Voice Notes for Contacts Easily.

 VOICE MEMO  Record Voice Notes for Contacts Easily.

voicememo VOICE MEMO  Record Voice Notes for Contacts Easily.

We just came across a very neat and easy to use app. VoiceMemo is a pretty creative application from the team at toysoft. Its one of those specialized applications that will be perfect for small subset of users. VoiceMemo takes things one step further than the built in native voice recorder appmany people ar fine with. It provides you the ability to record quick notes for any contact in your address book. It also lets you do other cool things with voice notes like attaching a voice memo to an appointment or recording a voice memo whenever you hang up the phone. Get this neat app from voicememo at the reasonable price of $2.99.

This app features:

  • Record voice memo for any contact in the Contacts application.

  • Record voice memo for the caller after each call.

  • Email voice memo to the caller

  • Set voice memo to appointment so that you know what you talked about

  • Record voice memo directly to the sd card

  • Voice memos are stored in separate contact folders on the sd card

  • Playback voice memo in Voicememo

  • Integrate with Contacts and Calendar applications

  • Use AMR format for small size

  • Optionally you can convert the voice memo to a text file using desktop Speech to Text software like Natural Dragon Speaking

  • Easy to use

  • For BlackBerry OS4.3 and Higher


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