Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WordPress For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.1-Many New Features

WordPress for BlackBerry has received a pretty substantial updated today. The original version of the app had lacked some of the features seen on other platforms, with the latest update bringing it up to par. What are these new features I speak of? Wonder no longer.

  • Comment Notifications
  • Geotagging of Posts
  • Improved UI interaction on Touch devices
  • Introduction of Touch Gestures:

    Sliding a finger to the left or right quickly on the Comment screen displays the next or

    previous comment.
  • Photo Resizing improvements with user defined dimensions
  • New File Browser with thumbnails support
  • Overall enhancements to the speed and stability of the app

I am most excited about the comment notifications, if all works well I will no longer have to clog up my inbox with comment alerts, I would be able to rely on the application to alert me. Storm users will be happy to see the touch integration. One of the more prominent complaints I hear when talking to Storm users is that most developers don’t include any specialized touch gestures.

You can download the latest update to WordPress for BlackBerry for free by either opening your app and going to the check for updates option, or by visiting BlackBerry App World. Read the blog entry about the update on the WordPress for BlackBerry site.


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