Monday, April 19, 2010

AutoLock Custom Edition-Cool App for only $3.99

al AutoLock Custom Edition Cool App for only $3.99

AutoLock Custom Edition from the Custom Series is the ONLY automatic screen locking utility that works with OS builds greater than!! AutoLock CE automatically locks the keyboard when the backlight goes off to stop you from pressing keys when you don’t want to! Simply install, select “Yes” when prompted for trusted status, and you’re ready.When AutoLock CE is engaged just press the Menu button and select “Unlock” to disengage the lock. AutoLock uses its own custom locked screen with the time and the AutoLock CE logo.

*(Note: If you are unable to open AutoLock CE after installing, go to “Options – Applications” and set permissions on AutoLockCE to “Allow”)

*AutoLock CE does not use a passcode.

*AutoLock CE can be quickly disengaged while the screen is black by pressing the end key. (Once screen turns on you must use menu to disengage).

*AutoLock works on all Blackberrys and operating builds after OS 4.5.


Map “AutoLock Custom Edition” to one of the side convenience keys for easy access (options – Screen/keyboard)

Use a “double-tap” of the menu key to quickly unlock the device

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