Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Copy B9100 found on Hong Kong Electronics Fair

You won’t believe this!

On the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) that took last week at the Hong Kong Convention Centre last week, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council. We didn’t want to believe what we saw, but there were many Chinese cell phone factories present who showed “their” newest products. One of the most presented devices were nearly perfect copies of the brand new BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 9100. Take a look at this photo:

Chinese BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Copy - B9100 Chinese BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Copy B9100

Sorry for the bad picture, I was trying not to get caught by the guys. As you can see, the shape of the device is pretty close to the Pearl 9100. However, the Chinese dudes call it a “B9100″ without mentioning BlackBerry anywhere. I was quite interested in that one as well as the Bold 9700 copy. If you take the device in your and play with the OS you pretty quickly see that everything is fake. However, I have to say that the copy is done quite well. Even the BlackBerry OS is a Chinese copy and looks very close to the original. I guess, people who never used a BlackBerry before would buy this device as a real BlackBerry.

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