Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bright Strobe and Flashlight

50259 Bright Strobe and Flashlight

Uses camera flash as a strobe light, and video light as a flashlight. Bundle of the apps Bright Strobe and Video Flashlight.

Bright Strobe keeps flashing the camera flash, getting attention while using a lot less battery power than leaving the light on. If you need to wait for help for a long time but want to mark your position, and don t have a flare, you might be glad to have a bright, long-lasting strobe in your pocket.

Video Flashlight gives you 1-click activation of your video light as a flashlight and keeps it on, while leaving the default light mode off for video recording. There’s an on-screen clock and battery meter that turns the display blue and gives a warning vibe a few % before you get to the point where you would no longer be able to make or receive calls.

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