Monday, April 26, 2010

Call Control Blacklist Lite-Free App!

blaaaaa Call Control Blacklist Lite Free App!

Call Control is the Only App that Blocks Thousands of Spam Callers Out of the Box! Use Call Control blocks unwanted calls so you control your privacy! Call Control also has a Community Blacklist from user reports and FCC complaints. You can block telemarketing and other spam calls with Call Control.We’re currently tracking, over 2.5M spam calls!!

Call Control Voted the Verizon Wireless SAVE TIME App Winner!

When users report unwanted calls, through or within Call Control, we add active spam callers to the Community Blacklist which is automatically put on your phone!


- Blocked Calls will not ring!

- Upgrade to Pro for Automatic Updates

- Personal Blacklist and Whitelist – Add numbers and area codes !5 entry limit for Lite

- Block Private & Unknown Callers

- Blacklist and report calls directly from the call log

- Block telemarketers by Do Not Call complaints

- Call log will show you Blocked Calls

- Address book contacts will never be blocked

- you can get free product updates and support

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