Thursday, April 29, 2010

Name Picker-App for only $2.99!

names Name Picker App for only $2.99!

Name Picker is great for new parents or for writers picking names for their characters. You can choose from many names for your new baby or make a list of your favorite names. You can also learn the meaning and origin of a name. This can all be done through an easy-to-navigate interface, with a database of more than 1,700 commonly used names in Western languages.

You can search names for inspirations, sort names by according to boy and girl, pick a name randomly, or type the keyboard to search for names and meanings with a specific keyword.When any name is selected a name window will appear. The window contains the origin, gender and meaning of each name. You can pick the name for your favorites list by clicking the check box.A list of all the names you chose from the Names screen will appear on the Favorites screen. It helps you find your selections and pick the name for your baby or character. You can also send your list through email by clicking the Email menu button.

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