Sunday, April 11, 2010

RIM Places an Order for a 8.9 inch display from Hon Hai- What Does This Mean?

blackberry tablet 203x300 RIM Places an Order for a 8.9 inch display from Hon Hai  What Does This Mean?

So this morning word was released that RIM has put in an order for a 8.9 inch display screen. After hearing this, many people started to believe that RIM might just be thinking about developing a BlackBerry tablet to compete with the I-pad. Now RIM is not the company that starts developing something right away that another company has come out with. However when Apple launched the I-phone, RIM launched to BlackBerry Storm 9530 and later the BlackBerry Storm2 9550.

The other day I actually got the oprotunity to play around with an Apple I-Pad, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the look, feel, and concept of it. However I also realized that if you have a BlackBerry device you pretty much can do what the I-Pad can do. Think about it, the I-Books feature on the I-Pad is a great concept but if you have the Kindle for BlackBerry you can already read books on your BlackBerry. The media player on the I-Pad is just as good as your BlackBerry Native media player. You could argue so many other features of both products both ways.

Although I don’t think RIM is trying to develop a BlackBerry Tablet, you can never say never with RIM! However RIM also acquired QNX today who is resposible for car technology and I think these to pieces of news are related. Makes sense, RIM buys a car tech company and orders a 8.9 inch display screen. Possible car dash for your BlackBerry in the works? Maybe!

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