Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ScreenRotate – Control Screen Rotation – App for $2.99

56003 ScreenRotate   Control Screen Rotation   App for $2.99

ScreenRotate can be used to lock the orientation of your BlackBerry® Storm™ or BlackBerry® Storm2™ device. Now you can stop your phone from switching to landscape mode when you don’t want it to. You can also read emails or surf the web while lying down, without your Storm’s screen automatically switching orientations. You will never have to tilt your phone back to Portrait mode when you pick it up!

How it works:

You can stop your screen from rotating by selecting the ‘Set Rotation’ menu item in your phone’s application you would like to lock, and then pressing the lock button. You have the option to lock the screen in either Portrait or Landscape mode, or of course re-enabling the auto rotation. The rotation option has to be set for each application and must be reset when the application is closed. However, some apps, like the Home Screen are always running, so the option only has to be set once for these.


- Unlike some other similar apps, this app is NOT always running in the background. Since it doesn’t run in the background, it will NOT slow down the normal operation of your phone, nor cause additional battery drain.

- Unlike many similar apps, you can hide the menu item from appearing in your phone’s application menus.

- This app may not work for 3rd party apps, but will work for your phone’s native applications, such as the Home Screen, Email, Contacts, Browser, etc.

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