Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SmrtGuard updated to Version v2.22

smrtguard blackberry main SmrtGuard updated to Version v2.22

SmrtGuard is out with it’s newest version v2.22. With this new version there is a spam blocking features that allows you to block unwanted, or private or unknown callers, as well as emails by senders. Also with Smrtguard, you can scan you Blackberry to see if you have any malware installed. This app sounds pretty good to me. No more of those annoying calls! You can download SmrtGaurd at their website.

Features include:

  • Anti-SPAM – Call Blocker – SmrtGuard, you can now block unwanted calls (event private and unknown callers). SmrtGuard will also backup the list of blocked phone numbers so when you switch device, you don’t have to re-enter again.

  • Anti-SPAM – Email SPAM Filter – Similar to call blocker but for e-mail. With integrated menu into the native Email App, “Mark as SPAM” has never been easier on your BB.

  • Anti-Virus – Afraid of someone installing spyware and malware on your smartphone? We got you covered. Setup scheduled scan and you will known when SmrtGuard finds a potential malware on your Smartphone.

  • New SPAM tab in the Dashboard that allow you to export your SPAM Blacklist.

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