Saturday, May 29, 2010

Berry Buzz Gets an Update to Version 3.0.66

berrybuzz3 thumb Berry Buzz Gets an Update to Version 3.0.66

I’ve used BerryBuzz a few months ago and I have to say I really liked the idea and the way the app worked. However my big concern with the app was that it didn’t support a lot of the newer apps that had come out recently like socialscope and IM+. Well it seems like the folks at BellShare have been listening. They have just released version 3.0.66. Check out the list of things that are new in BerryBuzz.

  • Added support for YouMail Visual Voicemail

  • Added support for Tweetissimo

  • Added support for crunchSMS

  • Improved contact matching for incoming calls (fixes LED not working for some contacts)

  • Fixed SocialScope support

  • Fixed clearing of IM+ notifications

  • Clear messages on first key activity’ now applies to messages, not only e-mail/SMS

  • Fixed activation not working via direct TCP/IP

  • Fixed custom profiles being deleted on BerryBuzz deinstallation (OS 5.0 only)

If you have never used BerryBuzz you can always check out the free trial and decided if you like it. Enjoy!

Click here to Download and Purchase BerryBuzz

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