Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Car insurance apps on the BlackBerry

With a rising number of smartphone users in the U.S., many companies have deemed it fit to create mobile apps for specific smartphone platforms. Many times you’ll see these include BlackBerry, but in some industries we see mostly iPhone and Android apps, with BlackBerry users relegated to mobile web usage. The national car insurance industry seems to be like this. You can access your account from their mobile web sites — and the sites really aren’t that bad — but only iPhone and Android users get a dedicated application. Via CrackBerry, we learn of a company that caters to the 41 million BlackBerry users in the U.S.

Allstate has actually had a BlackBerry app available for a while now, but you can now get it through App World. It provides access to all the basics, such as your insurance information, claim information, and accident support. The app also lets you find nearby insurance agents, in case you happen to need one.

The best feature, to my mind, is the step-by-step instructions in case you’re in an accident. Most of us learn this information when we become new drivers, but it’s easy to forget. The checklist ensures that you take the proper procedure for filing a police report and a claim. Non-Allstate customers can check out Help I Crashed My Car, which provides similar information, for free. The Allstate app is also free. You can get it at App World.

If you’re on a different insurer you probably won’t find a BlackBerry app. Most companies, however, feature navigable mobile web sites that allow you similar access to your account and claim information. Here’s a list of a few major national insurers.


State Farm: Register here for mobile web access


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