Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cnectd The New Cross Platform BBM Lookalike?

Connectd 300x225 Cnectd The New Cross Platform BBM Lookalike?

So recently I have been hearing a lot about this new app called Cnectd. A app that lets you chat with other smartphone platforms users such as Iphone users, Droid users, etc. What makes this app so special is, it makes it look like BlackBerry messenger. Or so it says it does. You can chat with others, have chat rooms, and more things. You can find people that are using the same app through its local search, however when I used it the app kept trying to tell me I was close to the Pacific Ocean. I guess it needs to be tweaked just a little? I personally am not big on the app, since I use SMS to contact other people who don’t use BBM or a BlackBerry, or I use IM+ to stay connected with all my Instant Messaging contacts. I am a big fan of BBM and don’t believe it will ever get replaced. Cnectd seems like a water down version of BBM. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Download OTA for 5.0 devices

Download OTA for 4.5-4.7 devices


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